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Ikenna Talks Glee and Career Plans

Posted: 6th June 2018

Ikenna Ibeanusi

Last week we sat down with one of our Nigerian A2 students Ikenna to talk about his university plans, extra curriculars at CSFC and his life back in Africa. Here is what he had to say about the last two years:

“I moved to the UK to begin my A Levels in 2016, leaving my life at my Kenyan secondary school (St Andrew’s) behind. Now, two years later, I am due to study Medicine at Plymouth University in September and am really excited to find a direction to head towards in Medicine. The Careers Department have supported me by organising a Work Experience placement at a care home in Cardiff, where I was able to spend time with the elderly and learn basic care giver skills. This gave me relevant content to write about in my UCAS Personal Statement.”

“Aside from the rigorous but rewarding academics at this College, I have had plenty of time to form lasting friendships and have made friends from all over the world. This has been helped of course by my involvement in the Medical Society, Philosophy and Art clubs.”

“My passion for the last couple of years has been Drama, and the College puts on an enormous annual production. This year we performed Hairspray Junior, and I was very proud to have a starring role. It was great to perform in a proper public theatre in front of many parents and friends, and I have also had the opportunity to sing at the Cultural Event and in the Eisteddfod.”

“I was also involved in the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) in my first year. The competition is affiliated with NASA and it was fantastic to gain teamwork experience in my role as Head of Operations. I also participated in the Biology Olympiad competition and won a Silver Medal!”

“I miss certain things about Africa: the food, the temperature, and of course my family (I have three siblings back home). However, I have really enjoyed boarding and it being so close to the school. Living here means that you are always surrounded by friends and can live independently. I would like to eventually return to Africa but am considering working in the US following university.”

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