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AS Biologists get to grips with mammalian hearts

Posted: 23rd April 2018

AS Biologists get to grips with mammalian hearts

The AS Biologists have been getting stuck into practical work applying their knowledge of the function of the mammalian heart. Using lambs hearts, all of the AS students have had the opportunity to take a first hand look at the structures of a mammalian heart and relate this to it’s function. The biggest surprises come when students discover that structures they know from diagrams look and feel quite different in reality. 

This practical is coordinated into the course for all students in the UK, but particularly is of great interest to our students who are looking into medicine or veterniary science for their university course. The students took part with great enthusiasm and really got to grips (quite literally) with the structures and functionality of the heart. 

The Biology A-level outlines a range of practical skills and tasks students must master in the two years. We are very lucky to be able to dedicate the time to practical work in Biology and encourage students to apply their knowledge to new situations.

(Image to the right: Mr Joe Newberry and his AS class discussing the structures of the heart)


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