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Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Visit

Posted: 11th December 2017

children on a field trip

On 23rd November our aspiring scientists at the College embarked on a trip to Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire.

Students made cloud chambers from ice and Ethanol in miniature water tanks, using arctic temperature ice to complete the workshop. The day involved a tour of ISIS Neutron & Muon Source, and they received information about how the particle accelerator works from start to finish with Particle Physicist, Dr Scott R. Lawrie. The students ended the visit to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory ‘Key Stage 5 Access Day’ with a seminar on the subject of Astronomy from one of the key engineers.

The laboratory supports university-based research in the fields of astronomy, particle physics, nuclear physics, and space science, and their aim is to use science to encourage wider take-up of STEM subjects in school (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Thank you for allowing us to join you for such an informative day! 

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