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A2 Biology Field Trip to Orielton

Posted: 13th September 2017

Students on a walk on the beach

A2 Biology Field Trip to Orielton

Last week a selection of our lucky students attended a Field Station Course at Orielton, Pembrokeshire.

As part of the A2-Biology course, there is a vital Ecological component that cannot be taught effectively within the College. 74 of our new A2 students traveled to the rurally isolated Orielton Field Station in Pembrokshire, West Wales, where they stayed for 4 working days and 3 nights. The trip was very intensive, with students working with specialist Ecological tutors from 9am to 9pm most nights. During the days, bus trips took students to: a Rocky Shore, an Established Woodland and Sand dunes, all of which consisted of many hours of learning valuable data collection methods. Upon return to the field station, students were then in classrooms and learnt critical statistical data analysis methods needed for the externally assessed practical exam.

In addition to the value of exam preparation, it was wonderful to see students making new friends, laughing together and gaining new life-experiences; including that of staying in a 1743 Georgian Mansion.

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