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Engaging with disadvantaged communities on the ICE Malaysia programme

Posted: 6th July 2017

Our International Citizenship Experience (ICE) programme isn’t just about work experience and sight-seeing; it also gives our students an opportunity to connect and engage with people from different backgrounds, providing them with an enriching cultural experience. Hong Kong student, Brian Chan tells us why meeting Malaysian orphans has been one of the highlights of the programme, for him:

“This Saturday, a visit to the Salvation Army allowed us to better sympathize, but more importantly, bond with, orphans in Kuching. We visited their homes and presented them with gifts, which included five mountain bikes with helmets. We then took them bowling, and it was amazing how fun these kids are to hang out with. In these two hours, I wouldn’t even have remembered that they came from such a sad background and had to go through all that pain, if they hadn’t shown so much maturity, understanding and joy. This is something I felt was extremely commendable, and I hope that these kids go through events in life, whether happy or sad, with the same attitude. I’m glad that on this trip to Malaysia, we were given the chance to give back and I hope that they felt as happy as we did.

“Standing on the far left in the picture opposite is Tnay, the best bowler in the game. Next to him is Leslie, who was extremely good at bowling and friendly to talk to. Then there’s Cherry and I, and next to us is Kuan Hei, who was incredibly fun to play with. I’m extremely glad we got to meet these people. This break from sight-seeing, and bonding with Malaysians, is definitely what makes this experience one of the many highlights of this trip.”

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