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Students celebrate excellent university offers

Posted: 5th June 2017

This year, we are pleased to announce that our students are, yet again, celebrating an outstanding range of offers from top universities, not only just in the UK but also overseas in countries such as the United States and Hong Kong. 

Overall, we are delighted to reveal that we have achieved a 68.5% success rate in securing offers for our students’ preferred universities, up 3% on last year (65.6%).

Continuing to uphold our strong reputation for placing students into leading universities, 83% of our UK university offers are for the 24 institutions that currently make up the prestigious Russell Group of universities. Highlights include one offer for the University of Oxford, 20 offers for the University of Cambridge, 86 offers for University College London (UCL), 43 offers for the University of Warwick, 38 offers for King’s College London, 37 offers for Imperial College London and 32 offers for London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), to name just a few.

In contrast to previous years, we have seen a broadening of the offer base away from Medicine towards other subjects like Engineering (40 offers), Law (19), Business/Management (16) and Dentistry (9), whilst still retaining a high success rate for Medical School applications. With 62 offers received for Medical Schools this year, Medicine accounts for 12% of all offers received by our students.

This year, we have also noticed a growing trend in the number of students applying to study at US universities.  Between them, our students have received 32 offers to study in America after graduating from CSFC. This figure includes three offers each for the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of California in San Diego; and two offers each for the University of California in Berkeley, Vanderbilt University and the University of Michigan, to showcase just a few examples. Notably, one student has received an offer for private research university, Northwestern University and another student has had an offer for Brown University; one of eight universities that form the prestigious Ivy League group in north-east US.

As a sign of our continuously improving relationship with universities in Hong Kong, our students have received an impressive number of offers from the University of Hong Kong (HKU), the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK); the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST); and the City University of Hong Kong, with the usual anticipation of further late offers to come. The increasing numbers students seeking to attend universities in Hong Kong has no doubt been helped by the fact that these students are now able to access full scholarships to study at such institutions.

To further reinforce our growing links with Hong Kong’s universities, our Head of Careers, Miss. Hayley Bendle was recently invited to Hong Kong at the invitation of HKU. During her visit, she also spent time at HKUST and the CUHK. For further information about Miss. Bendle’s itinerary in Hong Kong, take a look at the daily blog she wrote for us whilst she was there.

Speaking about the excellent range of offers achieved by our students yet again this year, Miss. Bendle stated:

“I am immensely proud of our students’ achievements this academic year. The process of applying to university is always testing, and these results evidently prove how their hard work has come to fruition. We have had more students than ever before applying to top UK universities; this year, we received 100 more offers for our top eight universities mentioned above, totalling a remarkable 58% of all offers. Compared to last year, our total number of offers for LSE increased by 60%; Imperial College London by 95%; and King’s College London by 111%.

“I am also delighted with our students’ successes in their applications to international universities; not only have we continued to strengthen our relations with Hong Kong universities, we have also increased CSFC’s recognition and reputation across top American universities, with some students now choosing to go to the USA over the UK. I am eager to begin the national and international application process for this year’s AS students soon, with double the number of students already expressing interest in applying to universities across the pond and worldwide!”

Echoing her thoughts, Principal Gareth Collier remarked:

“I am immensely proud of the efforts of the CSFC students in gaining so many impressive offers from top universities both in the UK and internationally. It is testimony to their academic standard and to the high quality tuition and careers guidance given by our staff under the leadership of Miss Hayley Bendle, Careers Manager. The increased input from Dukes Education, through their expertise in Oxbridge Applications, Medical Applications and US Applications this year (much expanded programme again for 2017/18) is also a major factor in the improved statistics.

“I am delighted that both the career base and international destinations are widening and that students are working hard to match their desires and goals to the most appropriate university and course for them. Medical applications continue to dominate our career choices and offers have been received from 26 highly reputable institutions, both in the UK and internationally. Well done to all involved in this life changing process.”


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