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Student awarded Trinity Overseas Bursary

Posted: 30th June 2017

A Cardiff Sixth Form College student was recently elated to discover that he has been awarded a Trinity Overseas Bursary to study Natural Sciences at Trinity College Cambridge. 

Earlier this month, Belarusian student, Bahdan Zviazhynski (who, earlier this year also reached the Top 50 of the British Physics Olympiad) received a letter from the University of Cambridge, informing him that he has been selected to receive the prestigious scholarship award.

Trinity Overseas Bursaries are means-tested and cover up to the full cost of both tuition fees and maintenance. In some instances, an Overseas Bursary could be held alongside a bursary awarded by one of the Cambridge Trusts.

Only eleven students in the world are awarded a Trinity Overseas Bursary each year. Needless to say, this is a phenomenal achievement for Bahdan and he deserves the utmost recognition and respect.

Speaking about how he feels to be honoured with a Trinity Overseas Bursary, Bahdan told us:

“I feel really proud about getting the scholarship. I think it is the greatest achievement so far for me. To me, it means more than just a huge amount of money saved; this scholarship actually showed me that all the hard work I’m putting into becoming a future physicist is paying off. However, I’m not going to stop being motivated by getting this scholarship – I will strive to achieve further goals in my field, but now at university level.”

You can hear more about why Bahdan was awarded a Trinity Overseas Bursary and how he feels to have achieved this tremendous feat, in his video interview over on our Facebook page.

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