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Facebook Live with Principal & Dukes Education MD

Posted: 30th March 2017

Today, Cardiff Sixth Form College (CSFC) held its first ever Facebook Live video chat with Principal, Mr. Gareth Collier and Managing Director of Dukes Education, Mr. Glenn Hawkins.

All students, parents, partners and agents of CSFC were invited to join the Facebook Live event from 11.30am – 12.30pm BST, to ask any questions they had about life at the college and the new partnership between CSFC and Dukes Education. Over the course of the hour, over 500 Facebook users joined the live video chat.

Talking about the new partnership with Dukes Education, Mr. Collier said:

“We will be increasing the quality of what we do in a number of different areas by bringing together the no.1 provider of A-levels in the UK and the no. 1 provider of information and support for Oxbridge applications, US and medical university applications. It’s a marriage made in heaven, whereby we can bring the best of two worlds together to offer the best support to our students.

“In terms of CSFC’s vision, little has changed but it has been enhanced. We are aiming to walk on three legs into our future – the first leg would be the provision of academic excellence, something which we’ve become renowned for; the second would be in terms of excellent university placements, something which we are also renown for; and thirdly, we are aiming for enhanced pastoral enrichment to ensure that our students are not only able to get to top university courses, but that they are also enable to remain on top university courses and not to just be there, but to thrive there.”

Mr. Hawkins then went on to state:

“The partnership between Dukes Education and CSFC is something we’ve worked hard for a long time to make a reality. We only partner and acquire institutions that are additive to Dukes, where we think that we become a better organisation because of our membership of that organisation, and where we think that we can add value to them. With CSFC that is quite difficult, because where do you go when you’re top of the league tables?

“As Gareth says, we now do have a situation where the synergies are absolutely obvious. Without doubt, CSFC appeals to us in terms of the quality of A-level provision. The league tables demonstrate that, and they’ve demonstrated it for the last seven years. Similarly, Dukes Education have provided the highest quality consultancy to students who wish to progress to Oxford University, Cambridge University, Medicine, Ivy League, USA… We’ve helped more than 60,000 students in that respect. Bringing the two leading providers together in this way creates quite a remarkable force, but the real beneficiaries have to be the students and we are delighted to be on board.”

If you didn’t manage to watch the Facebook Live video chat, you can view a recording of it on our Facebook page or on our Youtube channel. You will need to ‘like’ our page in order to gain access to the video. If you are based in China and have not been able to gain access to the video, please be reassured that we are currently launching a new Chinese website and the video will be available to view on this website once this process has been completed.

We are very happy with the outcome of our first ever Facebook Live event and we are looking forward to holding more events of this kind!

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