Term dates

Enrichment Week 2018: Monday 26th February to Saturday 4th March

Easter Vacation 2018: Friday 30th March - Sunday 8th April

Summer Term 2018: Monday 9th April - Friday 29th June


Term Dates 2018/19





Early start


6th August 2018

31st August 2018

UCAS and University Preparation Programme


21st August 2018

31st August 2018

Autumn 2018





3rd September 2018

19th October 2018


Enrichment Week

22nd October 2018

26th October 2018



29th October 2018

18th December 2018

Christmas Break

19th December 2018

9th January 2019


(Boarders return after 7am on 7th January 2019)

(Teaching commences 8am on 9th January 2019)

Spring 2019


9th January 2019

15th February 2019


Enrichment Week

18th February 2019

22nd February 2019



25th February 2019

12th April 2019

Easter Break

15th April 2019

22nd April 2019

Summer 2019

Teaching and Exams

23rd April 2019

28th June 2019

NB. AS Study Leave begins on Saturday 5th May 2018, while A2 Study Leave begins on Saturday 26th May 2018. All students are expected to remain at the college throughout Study Leave, as teachers will be available to provide revision and support if needed 

August pre-sessional intake – 19 teaching days

Autumn term – 70 teaching days

Spring term – 54 teaching days

Summer term – 50 teaching days

Total - 174 days excluding early intake 

Note: we will not authorise leave for family holidays during term time. In exceptional circumstances, you must contact a senior member of staff prior to making any arrangements.