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Summer school

Are you thinking of studying in the UK? Why not come along to our Summer School and get a head start on your peers?

For Summer 2019, Cardiff Sixth Form College will be offering three programmes:

1. Academic Summer Programme

The programme has been developed mainly for students aged 14+ who will be progressing into full time education in UK institutions, either immediately upon completion or in the following year. It is equally suitable as a pre-GCSE or pre-A-Level course and will serve either as a head-start or as a comprehensive revision programme. Apart from intensive English language preparation, students will also be taught core academic subjects (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Economics), to help them to adjust to specific demands of British education.

2. Oxbridge Preparation Programme

If you excel academically and have the drive to succeed, you may be considering an application to Oxford or Cambridge. These institutions are among the most selective universities in the world so it’s all about academic ability, potential and commitment. This course will help students to understand what sets Oxbridge apart from other universities and what the application process entails. The programme will also be useful for students considering other top universities such as London School of Economics, Imperial College London, University College London, Durham University and others.

3. Medical School Preparation

Applying to a medical school is a big decision to make and requires a great amount of planning and preparation. Our Medical Programme has been designed to help students interested in a variety of healthcare careers, including dentistry and veterinary medicine, make an informed decision about which course and which university would suit them best and develop their own preparation strategy to ensure the best chance of success. Due to competitiveness of medical school admissions, applicants will require specialist support and guidance, including personalised career advice and personal statement sessions. The course provides a deeper insight into what studying medicine involves, what requirements students need to meet and what deadlines they need to be aware of.

4. Engineering and Law School Preparation

We also will be providing two new courses for summer school 2019 - an Engineering Preparation Programme (minimum level B1) and a Law School Preparation Programme (minimum level B2). These will follow the same structure as the Medical School Preparation Programme above, however are tailored to these specific university subjects. The Engineering programme includes a visit to Swansea University's Space Settlement Design Competition and the law course a Mock Trial at Cardiff Law Courts. 

Cardiff: a vibrant, cosmopolitan city!

The college has a first-class reputation for delivering academic success, so why not come to Cardiff to share in that expertise while getting to know a new city and making new friends?

Cardiff is a lively, multi-cultural city which offers all the amenities you would expect from a national capital city including quality restaurants, shopping centres, museums, art galleries, concert halls and much more. Visits to historical landmarks will be included as part of the Summer School programme. To find out more about Cardiff, please refer to the Visit Cardiff website.

The college campus is within easy walking distance of the city centre, which is situated approximately 30 mins from Cardiff airport and 40 mins from Bristol airport, while major London airports are easily accessible by road or rail.

Available start dates

Medical/Oxbridge Preparation:

  • Start date: Monday 15th July 2019

  • Duration: 2 weeks (Finish Date Friday 26th July)

Engineering/Law Preparation:

  • Start date: Monday 29th July 2019
  • Duration: 2 weeks (Finish Date Friday 9th August 2019) 

Medical/Oxbridge/Engineering/Law Preparation PLUS Academic:

  • Start date: Monday 15th July 2019
  • Duration: 2 weeks / + 2 weeks Academic (Finish Date Friday 9th August 2019)

Academic Programme:

  • Start date/s: 2 weeks: Monday 15th July, Monday 29th July or 4 weeks: Monday 15th July 

  • Duration: 2 weeks/ 4 weeks

  • (Finish Dates: Friday 26th July / Friday 9th August and for 4 weeks: Friday 9th August)

Airport transfers

Airport Dates for Academic, Oxbridge & Medical:
Arrival - Monday 15th July 2019 or Monday 29th July 2019
Departure - Monday 29th July 2019 or Monday 12th August 2019
Airport Dates for Engineering and Law:
Arrival - Monday 29th July 2019
Departure - Monday 12th August 2019
Complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off service is available to all Summer School students. 
Summer 2019 Fees
Medical/Oxbridge/Eng/Law Preparation - 2 Weeks - £3,200
Medical/Oxbridge/Eng/Law Preparation - 2 Weeks - £3,950
PLUS Academic                                       + 1 Week
Medical/Oxbridge/Eng/Law Preparation - 2 Weeks - £4,500
PLUS Academic                                       + 2 Weeks
Two Weeks Academic                                 2 Weeks - £2,500
Three Weeks Academic                               3 Weeks - £3,350
Four Weeks Academic                                 4 Weeks - £4,100

Please contact marketing@ccoex.com for further information.

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