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Life at Cardiff Sixth Form College may begin in the classroom, but it by no means ends there. With a wide range of competitions, trips, events, clubs and activities to take part in, there is rarely a dull moment at CSFC! 

Curriculum-based Trips

We organise a variety of trips and outings to enrich and deepen students’ understanding.

The Head of Physics organises trips to CERN, the International Centre for Nuclear Research, near Geneva. This provides the opportunity for students to listen to lectures by scientists at the cutting edge of their respective fields and ask questions. They have the opportunity to see the large Hadron Collider, gain an insight into the ground-breaking work the scientists are doing, the methods of data collection being employed and the contribution to theoretical physics. Few could fail to be enthused by the exciting experiments that are undertaken.

Our Work Observation Co-ordinator arranges visits to the Crown Court where students have a chance to see the British justice system in action. They can get a sense of how a key part of the legal system works – of obvious interest to future law students – and observe the formality, protocol and theatrical elements, which are of interest to social psychology students.

In addition, the College runs an annual trip to Bristol Zoo Gardens, the fifth oldest zoo in the world. The Zoo’s award-winning educational programme has taught over 40 million school children worldwide the importance of nature, wildlife and conservation. Our students enjoy learning more about biodiversity and classification through talks and workshops at the Zoo, in addition to exploring the grounds and observing the wildlife and animals.


We believe it is important for students to have an avenue to relax and take their mind off academic studies. It may be a sport, music or the arts; it could be discussion-based, or even subject focused. The main thing is that students have fun, meet peers and gain the opportunity to practice something they really love!

During induction week, AS-Level students are invited to join clubs and societies. Students are strongly recommended to participate. Clubs and societies are a great way to make friends and share interests. If there isn't a club or society that caters for a student’s interests, we encourage students to be creative, form their own societies and attract members.

Below is just a sample of the clubs Cardiff Sixth Form College currently offers:

Sport Basketball Club, Football Club, Tennis Club, Netball Club, Badminton Club, Fitness Club

Hobby - Glee Club, Photography Club, Art Club, Dancing Club, African Dance Club, Chess Club, Band Club

Interests – Debating Club; Economics Club; Biology Club; Politics Club; Chemistry Club; NASA Club and Philosophy Club

Career Societies


House System