The NASA Club offers an opportunity to be part of the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) – a unique engineering challenge where students propose detailed designs for a future human settlement in space! The competition simulates the experience of working as a member of an aerospace industry proposal team. Students must choose their own leaders and produce designs for every aspect of the settlement, from airlocks to artificial gravity.

The ISSDC is a worldwide contest. The competition requires intensive work, long hours of discussion, planning and evaluating each other’s ideas in a competitive setting. Engineering, physics, maths, chemistry, biology, computer science, writing, speaking, art and, of course, teamwork are all required. Each group must give a formal presentation to an audience of approximately 1000 people made up of peers, post-graduate students and internationally renowned scientists employed at NASA.

Cardiff Sixth Form College is proud of its involvement in the prestigious competition. For five consecutive years, students from CSFC were part of the winning team in the final competition held at the NASA headquarters at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.