Cardiff Sixth Form College: The Beginning

Cardiff Sixth Form College was founded in 2004. As a small, private tutorial college, we were dedicated to pioneering a new approach. Combining small class sizes, excellent teaching and individual attention for each student; we believe in nurturing potential, in the ideal and achievement of ‘excellence’– and the results are first class.

Growing slowly by word of mouth, our reputation allowed us to expand until we moved to our current site in Trinity Court, Newport Road. In the heart of Cardiff City, our modern, spacious campus is an excellent site for our growing ambitions and a first rate location for this quality, urban school.

In 2009, Cardiff Sixth Form College accepted its first international students. Since then we have accepted more and more students from overseas, providing boarding facilities and first-rate pastoral care. Cardiff Sixth Form College is a thoroughly multi-cultural environment. We are proud of our diversity and we now have students from over 40 different nationalities who have studied with us, including Welsh and wider UK students looking for the academic focus and pathway to success that we provide.

Cardiff Sixth Form College was acquired by Dukes Education in 2017. With this change, we have been able to secure the academic future of the college and are proud to be a part of the ‘Dukes Family of Schools’.

We have grown in every way – more staff, more teaching, more success, typified by the introduction of our GCSE course in 2018 maintaining the high quality academic provision.

The ‘Good Schools Guide’ sums up perfectly the approach that we are taking to education:

“…youth working hard to achieve results worthy of their talents and for which they deserve credit. The teaching is excellent, morale seems high with delightful relationships between staff and pupils.”

Our history is just a starting point for our continued ambition to provide the very best in academic education, at the forefront of disciplined and creative teaching and learning.