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Here is a list of questions frequently asked by students and their parents. If you can't find the answer to your question here or elsewhere on our website, please contact us and we will happily answer your query.

Q. Can my son or daughter cook their own meals and will their special dietary requirements be catered for?

A. All meals are provided on campus, seven days a week. There is no need for students to prepare their own meals. Our food is prepared by three professional chefs. We provide vegetarian and allergy-specific food options. We can also cater for any religious food requirements.

Should students wish to cook for themselves, all student flats contain kitchens. Studio apartments have an en-suite kitchen, while standard apartments have a shared kitchen. Students are permitted to use the kitchen, provided they abide by the college’s safety guidelines.

Q. Will someone clean my son or daughters flat?

A. All flats are cleaned once a week. However, it is the student's responsibility to ensure their flat is kept tidy and to a reasonable standard. Cleaners are not maids; they do not make beds or pick up after the students. Regular inspections are carried out by the college and fines may be issued if rooms are not kept to an acceptable standard.

Q. What does my son or daughter need to bring with them when they move to Cardiff?

A. We recommend you don't bring any unnecessary items with you (kitchen equipment, bedding, etc). Most of these items can be purchased upon arrival. The college supplies each student with one set of bedding, and our kitchens are already equipped with electrical items such as microwaves and toasters. Students must purchase their own cooking pots and pans, should they wish to cook for themselves. Rice cookers and electric heaters are not permitted in our accommodation.

With regards to clothing, we suggest that students bring warm clothing. Weather in Cardiff can be quite cool and it may take time to adjust to the change in climate.

Please do bring books, laptops, tablets, and any home comforts (photographs, etc.) your son or daughter may require to help to make their room a home.

Q. Is there internet at the college residence?

A. Yes, the college residence has Wi-Fi. The option of wired access is also available in student rooms (up to 8Mbps Wi-Fi; 30Mbps Wired). Each student is provided with one free ethernet cable upon enrolment.

Q. Are all bedrooms en-suite?

A. The majority of bedrooms are en-suite, except for 12 two-bedroom apartments which feature a shared bathroom.

Q. Is there a warden?

A. Our accommodation is warden-regulated and has 24-hour security. There are separate blocks for boys and girls, and students are not allowed into rooms held by individuals of the opposite gender at any time. Students may socialise in our mixed common room.

Q. Is there a curfew?

A. Yes, Students need to arrive back at their accommodation by 10pm (including weekends).

Q. How many different nationalities of students does the college have?

A. The college has a very diverse student population. Over 40 different nationalities are represented in the student body (for more information see our Student Body page). We ask all our students to converse in English at all times when on college premises. We believe this will assist in their on-going familiarisation with the everyday use of the language.