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Guardianship Form

All students whose parents live permanently or temporarily overseas must have a nominated educational guardian. This form must be completed and returned to the Registrar before the student’s arrival at Cardiff Sixth Form College. Admission to the college is not accepted without completion and return of this form.

Student details

Guardian details

I understand that the college will verify this guardianship arrangement once supplied and admission to Cardiff Sixth Form College is subject to positive verification and confirmation.

I understand that a failure to maintain appropriate guardianship throughout the period of enrolment at Cardiff Sixth Form College will lead to a breach of the standards required to remain at the college.

I confirm that the appointed Guardian named above has agreed to undertake these responsibilities, is aged over 25, lives in the United Kingdom and is not a full-time student themselves.

The Guardian must supply photo I.D. and proof of address to the college within 3 weeks of the student’s arrival.

I understand that if I do not provide the details of my child’s guardian, or if the college does not consider the guardian to be suitable, I will be required to choose a suitable Guardianship Agency. A list of Guardianship Agencies which have worked successfully with families of CSFC students previously is available. In an emergency where my child’s guardian cannot be contacted, the college will make appropriate arrangements with a guardian of their choice and charge me accordingly.